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Classified Staff Employee of the Year Awards

2014 Outstanding Employee of the Year Awards

  • Barbara Ramirez
  • Irene Macias
  • Lisa Montoya-Vigil

2013 Outstanding Employee of the Year Awards

First Place Recipient

Sandra Obrin – Administrative Assistant III
was nominated by Dr. David Lehmpuhl, CSM Dean, with the help of her student employees, Karle Cordova and Amanda Salazar.  Sandie was selected for her commitment to the betterment of CSU Pueblo over the last 16 years, as well as her ability to go beyond what is expected of her. Lehmpuhl mentions several of Sandra’s qualities, such as her ability to communicate effectively with students, staff, faculty, and community, her use of new problem solving techniques to promote efficiency in the work place, and her continued fulfillment of goals even after undergoing a double knee replacement. Her work studies contend that Sandra has a caring and fun attitude, going out of her way to decorate the office, as well as nurture her student employees to be workers, as well as students.  Sandie is cited as being an outstandingly organized event planner as detailed by her coordination of the annual Research Symposium.  She is efficient and dedicated to her job offering timely response to emails and questions even on evenings and weekends.  In addition to going above and beyond in her daily duties, Sandie goes the extra mile for her students and the faculty in the college as well.  She has been evidenced as being – sometimes overly - generous of her time and resources from the little things like making sure everyone has a personalized birthday card to offering money when students are in need.

Second Place Recipient

Charlatte Cesar – Program Assistant II was nominated by Tamarae Ellis for her “genuine care” and assuming of leadership roles in a changing environment. After a change in Residence Life and Housing, Charlatte took on increasing responsibilities and a new title, while still continuing to build strong relationships with her co-workers as well as students. Over the past year she has even gone so far as to help a pregnant student finish her semester in school and organize a baby shower. It is obvious Charlatte cares for her employees and students as if they were her own family, proving time and again her dedication to their needs.

Third Place Recipient

Edumenio Armijo – General Labor I was nominated by Gena Alfonso for his “friendly demeanor, willingness to help whenever possible, and great care for others.” Not only is E.J. more than helpful when helping Alfonso prepare for Wolf Pack welcome and homecoming, he is committed to his fellow staff at the Physical Plant. Worried about the working conditions and low pay endured by some of his fellow coworkers, E.J. joined the University Budget Board to be their representation. His kind spirit was also shown this past Thanksgiving when he came in during his day off to help distribute turkeys to employees in need saying: “make sure to get the big ones!” This is a demonstration of the dedication E.J. shows not only to the campus, but to his fellow workers.


Kim Wharton –Administrative Assistant II was nominated by Kristyn White Davis and Aun Hassan for her friendly demeanor to all who come in contact with her, as well as her consistent hard work and ability to keep the HSB office running smoothly. When things seem to be busy and hectic, Kim is able to maintain an orderly environment, while still going out of her way to be a team player and complete projects. Staff members insist that when Kim is not present, her absence is felt through the office. When Aun had to leave town, Kim was able to find an exam proctor for his class, as well as email him the results so grades would not be delayed for students. This demonstrates the ability of Kim to go beyond what is expected of her and her thoughtfulness towards those around her.

Emily Forsyth- Administrative Assistant III was nominated by Aun Hassan for going above and beyond her job responsibilities to accommodate not only faculty and administrative personnel but also students at HSB. Aun Hassan has said that when he was moving to Southern Colorado to start his job at CSU-Pueblo, Emily made great efforts to help him meet with the right people to gather all the necessary information to make his transition as easy as possible.  He has also said that she is always very polite and courteous and he has never seen her in a bad mood or display a unprofessional attitude towards her work and responsibilities.       


Vincent “Deon” Murray- Materials Handler was nominated by Shirley Duran for all the work he is willing to do. Shirley has said “whether it is handling mailing questions, scheduling office moves or working with various mailing service companies, I have yet to hear him complain about his workload.” Shirley sees this as an outstanding achievement in service. Deon’s position provides him the opportunity to work with every area on campus. Deon is very dedicated and committed to his job.  Shirley said that if he saw her trying to pick up a box, he immediately took over as he didn’t want her to injure herself. Shirley said that “he is a great role model for the other classified employees and is an excellent ambassador for this university.”

Craig Goodwin –IT Technician II was nominated by the Mass Communication Department for the New Media because since the department’s move to Macintosh in 2011, Craig has shown himself to be an asset to their department and the campus as a whole with his superior knowledge of the Mac platform and willingness to help. They said that Craig was the first to volunteer to assist them with the transition. They have commented that Craig has become “our go-to guy for everything ITS related.”


Lorraine Glaser- Accounting Technician III was nominated by Jennifer Torres for her role here at the University. She assist students with questions on their accounts, resolves issues with COF (College Opportunity Funding), handles accounts that have been turned over to collections, and covers the Cashier Office.  Jennifer said that “Lorraine has always interacted with the customer in a professional manner. And her direct customer service is commendable."  Jennifer added that she is able to express what can be done to improve the efficiency of the tasks that are expected and her communication skills are invaluable.


Pat Higginbotham- Administrative Assistant II was nominated by Arlene Reilly-Sandoval for her role in single- handedly transforming the Social Work department to streamline processes and providing organization. She is responsible for the initial data entry and organization of our extensive outcomes analysis program as part of our accreditation. Arlene said that “Pat has created improved tracking forms to assist with data entry and analysis, directly having a positive impact in our ability to demonstrate effective outcomes management to our accrediting body.” Pat also manages the department’s website, ensuring the information is up-to-date and the outcomes are posted per accreditation requirements. The Department of Social Work has sites on both the home (Pueblo) campus and the campus in Colorado Springs.  Pat is reliable and consistent in her attendance, and goes above and beyond her job on a daily basis.


2012 Outstanding Employee of the Year Awards

First Place Recipient

Cindy Sufian-Administrative Assistant II /Transcript Clerk was nominated by Katie Velarde, Joseph Marshall, Laura Barela, Liz Duran, and Kathy Shisler.   

Katie describes Cindy as “dependable, accurate, driven, and absolutely pleasant”.  She is highly respected and admired by her peers in the Record’s office.    In such a highly visible, hectic, constantly changing office it can be difficult to keep customer service at the forefront.  Cindy is always ready for the challenge with a smile on her face.  Joseph said that “Cindy has impressed [him] with her dedication and high levels of customer satisfaction”.   In a short period of time she has increased the office’s efficiency by modifying the transcript process and is now able to process over 12,000 transcript requests annually.  Laura says that her “commitment to her job, staff, students, and the University community is outstanding.”   Liz describes Cindy as a “total team player”.  She has taken it upon herself to learn other duties in the office and to become familiar with many other areas on campus so as to provide the best service to the students right then rather than having them run all over campus for an answer.    Kathy says that Cindy is “ready to help anyone in [their] office in whatever task or endeavor they need help with.  Her colleagues all feel she has great attributes that are indispensable and worthy of acknowledgment. 

Second Place Recipient

Gena Alfonso – Program Assistant was nominated by Patty Witkowsky and Nicky Damania.   

Patty states that Gena brings a great deal of experience, expertise, creativity and professionalism to her job on a daily basis. Gena is described as the communication hub of the office. Gina continues to improve the communication on campus through her role in the development and dissemination of the HOWL newsletter each week, as well as the programming of the LED boards across campus. She has made incredible strides in developing the marketing of Student Affairs events, overseeing the growing office environment, and is respected across our division for her work. Nicky states that Gena is always finding new ways to improve and reinvent programs through the office and campus. Gena has joined a small group to help student involvement and according to Nicky “it is truly to the initiatives of Ms. Alfonso that our programs, promotions, and marketing plans are to the best of our capacity”

Third Place Recipient 

Liam Harty – Acquisitions Tech II was nominated by Margaret Kleszynski   

"Since beginning work at CSU-Pueblo in fall 2009, Liam has demonstrated adaptability, conveyed a positive and professional image and put forth extra effort when the need arose, even in areas and departments in the Library beyond the acquisitions department.  He has taken initiative to learn higher level skills and to learn as much as possible about the III Millennium system that is shared with CSU-Fort Collins Morgan Library.  Liam’s communication skills and interpersonal skills are outstanding.  His work in acquisitions requires him to communicate with Librarians, staff, and the Library Dean as well as other campus faculty and staff in Pueblo, especially in purchasing and accounts payable to maintain smooth working relationships with all these people.  He has also communicated with Librarians and staff at CSU-Fort Collins regarding the migration to and the setting up of the III Millennium acquisitions module.
Liam treats others with courtesy and respect and always displays a pleasant, friendly, and affable attitude.  He contributes to a positive work environment, demonstrates tact and diplomacy in working with others and treats others fairly and without bias.  Liam always answers requests for information promptly and courteously, shows respect and helpfulness to all library staff, students, and others outside the library and Pueblo.
Liam has done an outstanding job in acquisitions and increased his job knowledge exponentially with the system migration to Millennium III.  Liam played an important role in helping with the migration and with pre- and post-migration projects in acquisitions, cataloging, and periodicals.  He took on additional responsibilities and used initiative in improving acquisitions workflow and processes.  Margaret Kleszynski states that “everything Liam has worked on and successfully accomplished has moved us forward toward achieving our goals in the Library Strategic Plan”.
In 2010 Liam applied and was admitted to the B.S. program in Computer Information Systems and started taking classes that semester.  Last summer, Liam rode his bike along with his father in Ride the Rockies, a six-day bike tour through the Rocky Mountains.  Proceeds from Ride the Rockies benefit the Denver Post Community Foundation and benefit mountain towns on the route."


Angela Bender – General Professional II was nominated Susan Benesch   

In 2011 the Human Resources Department decided to use NEOGOV as the electronic hiring and contract processing tool.  As the hiring specialist in HR, Angela Bender took on the project to streamline these processes.    Workflow processes that included steps and deadlines were put into place.  Angela began meeting with various individuals and groups on campus to get input on what departments would like to see with the on-line process.  Various meetings were held with NEOGOV and CSU-Pueblo Technology Services and Angela took the information from these meetings and began working with NEOGOV and IT to mold the application into what we use today.  A number of efficiencies helped with the improvements the University has experienced but it does not take into account the number of hours and communication it took to implement such a process.  Angela has done a great job and continues to help the project improve as it moves forward.  Training continues on a regular basis and it’s not easy working with many employees that have different levels of education and experience with computers.  Susan Benesch states “only the future can tell how this application and process will continue to grow and improve with Angela’s leadership.”

Madeline Casaus- Administrative Assistant II
was nominated by Annie Williams, Heidi Laino, and Jeanne Gibson.   

Madeline was nominated for her ability to communicate effectively with prospective and current students.  Current students repeatedly seek her encouragement in matters relating to academic and social quandaries and she is never too busy to listen and/or offer suggestions of support and friendship. During the time of CIP Director’s extended medical leave, Madeline came to the rescue in a heroic “shining cape of armor” as she picked up extra duties over a several week period.  Unbeknownst to most of the campus, Madeline’s daily duties are split between CIP and the English Language Institute (ELI). This means she must fill in for the Director, at times, assist in classroom management and administrative duties.  She is a true CSU-Pueblo supporter and works diligently to make this campus what it is today and better for tomorrow. 

Sue Castillo- Office Manager I
was nominated by Valerie Pfingston and Amanda Mestas.   

Sue was nominated for her dedication for her willingness to step in and help when needed. Sue is always the first one to offer her assistance.  In Valerie’s nomination she writes, “ Sue always remains professional and courteous to others at all times.  I often wonder how she manages to always keep her cool, especially when dealing with irate people.  She also has the uncanny ability to take a negative situation and turn it into a positive one.  Sue goes out of her way to make sure that the students and the community are provided with the best customer service that the University has to offer.”  Amanda adds the she is always very professional, patient, and customer service oriented.  In Amanda’s nomination she writes “Sue has demonstrated herself as a positive role model with all students.  She is responsible for four work-study students in Financial Aid and three full-time employees.  She promotes a fair and compassionate environment for her staff. She is thorough in training those she supervises and remains focused on her responsibilities.  Sue is a perfect example of an outstanding employee.”

Charlatte Cesar – Administrative Assistant III
was nominated by Tamarae Ellis   

"Tamarae Ellis states that “Charlatte is the key to our success and the heart of our department”.  The Resident Life and Housing department operates smoothly around Charlatte because of the relationships she has with each staff member, professional, or student.  Charlatte has built strong relationships with students all over campus as well as community members and parents.  Regardless of who Charlatte comes into contact with she shows genuine care and concern for their situation and aids to the best of her ability.  Charlatte is an advocate of students and a supporter for staff and supervisors.  A perfect example of Charlatte’s care for others can be shown by her consistent recognition of student staff members.  Each month Charlatte sets up a special treat for the Resident Assistants, Desk Assistants, and Office Assistants.
Everyday work in Residence Life and Housing is like many other offices: ever changing.  Charlatte has taken it upon herself in the past two years to learn the processes, databases, and become more efficient and skilled at many of the Resident Life and Housing electronic tools.  Recently, Charlatte has been given a lot of the operations tasks to complete and has taken these challenging tasks with ease and a positive attitude.  Tamarae states Charlatte is our “right-hand woman”.  She gets left with all of the tasks we cannot complete or are unable to do because of other commitments, and she always does so with a smile.  Charlatte has kept a positive attitude and has encouraged staff through tough times and has personally supported each of the Residence Hall Directors in a number of ways.  It is at Charlatte’s hand that Residence Life and Housing is able to stay organized and fulfill the needs of students, maintain departmental goals and often exceed those goals and expectations.
Prior to coming to Residence Life and Housing Charlatte worked for Human Resources.  She has offered her assistance to HR to train student staff and newly hired professional staff on the workings of HR.  She has spent extra time training new staff at the HR office – she regularly answers questions via telephone and often shares words of wisdom with the HR staff.  Charlatte is a sound, trusted, and respected individual as well as genuine, realistic, and futuristic.   She is a sounding board, a confidante, and a supporter.  "

Denise Cordova- Administrative Assistant
was nominated by Craig Cason.   

Craig writes in his nomination that “Denise Cordova is a self-motivated, reliable individual that encourages a positive attitude, not only in the Facilities Management Department, but across campus as well.”  As an Administrative Assistant for the Facilities Management Department, Denise has proven to be invaluable to the Department.  Denise is the “voice of the Physical Plant” and anyone who calls with a Facilities concern is sure to be greeted with a polite response and helpful attitude. Denise always has a positive attitude and tries to lift the spirits of all faculty, staff, and students.

Emily Forsyth – Administrative Assistant III was nominated by Lance Gentry.    

Emily was nominated for her efficiency and personable willingness to help.  Lance says “no matter what other projects she is managing, she is always willing to help”. He counts the positive impression he has of CSU-Pueblo in large part to his dealings with her during the search and screen process that eventually brought him onboard as a CSU-Pueblo faculty member.  Emily is highly regarded for her ability to interact cheerfully with such a diverse group of individuals and is a fine advocate for this institution.

Patricia Higginbotham – Administrative Assistant II was nominated by Dr. Carol Langer and Susan Calhoun-Stuber   

"Patricia serves as the Administrative Assistant for the Departments of Social Work and Sociology.  Pat has the extraordinary ability to communicate directly and clearly to all people that come into contact with her including parents of a transferring student who wanted to make sure their daughter was receiving a quality education.   Pat has helped organize the social work department’s filing system in readying them for CSWE external review.  She supervised the review of each file for completion, and color-coded the files for Pueblo students or Colorado Springs students which will aid in the reaffirmation and future use in the department.
As a person with extraordinary work ethic, Pat is unfailingly available to all members of both departments, students, staff, other faculty, and members of the community.  She will do everything possible to find answers to questions, to problem-solve, and to access her wisdom with the utmost grace.  She supervises two work-study students and one Gero-BEL grant assistant and gives them honest feedback, clear expectations, and thanks for jobs well done.  She assists with the SISSI Conference for Sociology.  For both departments she acts as a liaison with Extended Studies personnel and adjunct faculty members in order to help everyone feel a part of CSU-Pueblo."

Susan Pena – Custodian II/Supervisor
was nominated by Jerome Mapes   

"Susan has earned the respect from Jerome Mapes because she is honest and hard working.  Susan is respected because she is not above getting out from behind the desk and checking work to make sure it is satisfactory.  She is not above correcting her employees in the most professional attitude when they have not completed a job to her satisfaction.  Susan will actually look at the work, offer advice on improvement and talk one-on-one to build a plan of action for the discrepancies that she sees.  She does not embarrass or belittle her workers but works with them and gives them the positive reinforcement they need to try to improve.  She interacts with the students (who seem to love her) and faculty who respect her.  Her dedication to her job keeps her team happy and continually trying to impress her though hard work and commitment.  Susan’s communication is so effective with staff that when she is correcting them, they do not get angry or feel intimidated; yet the team feels that they need to step up and work harder.  This is absolute respect and is why “our team” feels the need to consistently improve and make her proud. 
Susan has demonstrated achievement by getting down and dirty to cover for the custodians who have had emergencies.  She will not sit behind a desk while someone on her team must take a day for a family emergency of their own; NO, she will see what help she can provide and give it.    Susan has truly raised the bar on respect and made her team be accountable to her.  They are proficient and efficient because of her true ability to lead.  Susan gives her entire team the belief that they can do and will do anything.  Susan expresses and accepts outstanding achievement for her commitment not only to the University but her team.  There have been so many extra projects done this year to make the University “shine” only because she has allowed her team to do these extra projects, and given us the respect to stand behind us and encourage us to do better."

Eva Pino- Custodian I
was nominated by LaNeeca Williams.   

"In LaNeeca’s nomination she writes, “It is important that our students respect our custodial staff and the custodial staff has always respected my students.  Ms. Eva in particular would always go above and beyond to help in any way that she could make sure that the needs of the office and building were met.”
If you had been to the OUC in the fall of this year, you would have noticed a lady with ear plugs in working quickly to make sure the OUC shined. LaNeeca added that Ms. Eva would be an asset to any department on campus but while she worked in the OUC, she managed to make the building look phenomenal each day. LaNeeca described Eva as courteous, kind, and someone who goes above her usual duties for the day."

Debbie Proctor- Project Manager
was nominated by Craig Cason.   

Craig states in his nomination that “for Debbie Proctor, a good day at work is when she knows that one of her projects has made a positive difference on campus. If Debbie can somehow improve a student’s college experience with one of her projects, no matter how large or how small, then for her it makes it all worthwhile. Even under the toughest of circumstances, Debbie is able to keep a positive, cheerful and productive attitude even through dealing with difficult issues at hand. Craig writes in his nomination that “I am constantly getting compliments from all over campus about not only the job that Debbie has done, but how she did the job with such a positive attitude.”


2011 Outstanding Employee of the Year Awards

First Place Recipient

Tamra Axworthy - Administrative Assistant II was nominated by Dr. Roy Sonnema and Dr. Mark Hudson.
Tamra was hired in August 2007.  Dr. Hudson states that her calm guidance and vast knowledge has been relied upon by a variety of individuals who come in contact with the Department of Music.  For prospective students and their parents, Tamra is the reassuring and knowledgeable fount of information as they attempt to navigate entry to the university and music program. The campus, and numerous community entities interface through Tamra.  She is lauded as indispensable as well as extremely efficient in her service.  Dr. Hudson declared Tamra as a "model of organization".  She is able to successfully manage her workload while being a mother to two small children, pursuing coursework leading to an undergraduate degree, and serving on various committees.  She has distinguished herself both as a solo vocalist and as part of the top Chorale ensemble.  Her recent awards and honors include successful completion of the Chamber of Commerce "Leadership Pueblo" Program and a nominee for the Students' Choice Award.  She is frequently present after hours, in the evenings, and on weekends for various events.  Dr. Hudson shared the students' pet name for her... the "Den Mother".  It is his hope that she is able to add "Outstanding Classified Employee Award 2010-2011" to her list of accomplishments. Dr. Hudson stated, "She is truly deserving of this and much more for her contribution to CSU-Pueblo and the community.  I can state without hesitation that her hire, ranks at the top of my list with regard to successful decisions I made as Chair."

Dr. Sonnema states that "Tamra is amazing".  She can do it all, and does.  She welcomes everyone with open arms and is always willing to stop what she's doing to help someone in need.  She handles situations with a smile on her face and works tirelessly.  Dr. Sonnema feels, "this place would fall apart if she weren't here."  She attends auditions to meet new students face to face so that she can start building relationships before they even come on campus as students.  When asked why she does that, her reply is, "so that I can keep up with what is happening with the students here".  She has dragged herself into the office after an illness or even surgery, that's dedication.  She cares more for other than herself.  Tamra is the type of person who makes us want to do better, he stated.  She cares for the community and has an excellent reputation on campus, everyone loves her.  In closing Dr. Sonnema stated, "Tamra really is the glue that holds the Music Department together and I count myself blessed to know her". 

Second Place Recipient

Pamela Parrack –Administrative Assistant II was nominated by Dr. Christine Rochester
In Christine’s nomination she writes, “Pam has created an atmosphere of exceptional customer service with her office staff of all student employees. Pam critically thinks of how to serve current, future, and past students as well as their parents. Pam is a master problem solver and knows, who, where and how to get the assistance that is needed around the CSU-Pueblo community. Even under unusual circumstances (rapid growth, athletic events, and moving in and out of the HPERD building) somehow Pam has been able to organize the office while still assisting the chair, faculty and student with their needs. “   Some of the strong points Christine lists are Pam’s initiative, constantly looking for ways to improve the processes in the department to make them more effective, managing the work study students, successfully purchasing equipment and materials in a timely manner. Pam is a member of the President’s Club and in her first year as a staff representative on Classified Staff Council participates in staff events and volunteers in her community.

Third Place Recipient 

James Glenn - IT Professional I was nominated by Lia Sissom
Jim has helped the Hasan School of Business with a full launch of their video conference classes.  Jim went out of his way to help faculty learn the system, navigate the controls, work through technical issues, as well as help students in the class become familiar with the system.  The first class begins at 8:00am and the last one ends at 8:45pm.  Recently, a faculty member complaining of issues with a system, where the manufacturer and due to his perseverance, the company is currently going to replace a part valued at $40,000.00 at their expense.  Jim is described as "truly a gem of CSU-Pueblo".  "His commitment, diligence, integrity, work ethic, creativity, and ability to think outside the box is unmatched."  he is a candidate worthy of this great recognition.


Lorraine Glaser – Accounting Technician III was nominated by Katie Velarde, Michelle Fraser-Mills, Linda Garcia, and Tanya Wilson.
Lorraine is described as a “fun person to work with” “whose pleasant attitude contributes to a positive work environment”.   Michelle Fraser Mills said that Lorraine’s “dedication and commitment to our students is refreshing” as evidenced by a letter of commendation written by a student, Shahil Karki.  Shahil said that Lorraine is like a mother to him and counts his interactions with her as cause for his being so close to graduation. Linda commented on how difficult a task it can be to “calm down our students when something goes wrong with their financial aid” so it is quite a compliment to have such a recommendation from an individual such as that.  Lorraine’s co-workers agree that she is an outstanding example for every employee of CSU-Pueblo to emulate.
Emily Forsyth – Administrative Assistant III was nominated by Lance Gentry.
Emily was nominated for her efficiency and personable willingness to help.  He says “no matter what other projects she is managing, she is always willing to help”. He counts the positive impression he has of CSU-Pueblo in large part to his dealings with her during the search and screen process that eventually brought him onboard as a CSU-Pueblo faculty member.  Emily is highly regarded for her ability to interact cheerfully with such a diverse group of individuals and is a fine advocate for this institution.
Dale Alber – Program Assistant II was nominated by Trisha Macias
Dale was nominated for his humbleness and knowledgeable service to the university.  Trisha says that Dale has a “cheerful, though quiet, attitude” and “doesn’t get or seek recognition for how much his work keeps our campus functioning and on task”.  His work is impeccable and consistent even when clients demands are sometimes last minute and unrealistic.  After 20 years of service to the university, it is clear that Dale is dedicated and valuable employee.
Amanda Mestas – Accountant I was nominated by Geraldine Trujillo-Martinez and Sue Castillo.
Geraldine credits Amanda for her compassion and genuineness. Amanda can always be counted on to be expedient yet understanding of each person’s individual needs. Sue says that Amanda is “always there to listen and offer support” even “when emotions are high”.  Amanda is “skilled at diffusing volatile situations” and offers encouragement to those who need it.  She truly is a deserving ambassador for CSU-Pueblo.
Matt DeCesaro – Library Technician II, Circulation was nominated by Sandy Hudock. 
Matt was nominated for his good humor and strong work ethic.  With the Library move and remodel Matt has had to adapt to new and creative methods of material retrieval, learn new skills, and continue managing the work study staff.  He is a master at “going with the flow” and never complains about the extra work he’s had to take on. Sandy says “Matt’s input on processes and attitude of valuing the students, faculty, and staff give the library a good reputation, and his work should not go unrecognized.
Gena Alfonso – Program Assistant was nominated by Patty Witkowsky and Michelle Gjerde.
Patty states that Gena brings a great deal of experience, expertise, creativity and professionalism to her job on a daily basis. Gena is described as the communication hub of the office. Gina continues to improve the communication on campus through her role in the development and dissemination of the HOWL newsletter each week, as well as the programming of the LED boards across campus. She has made incredible strides in developing the marketing of Student Affairs events, overseeing the growing office environment, and is respected across our division for her work. Michelle says, “The Career Center has no administrative support for keeping up with the loose ends of tasks and procedures that need to be done in a timely manner. Gena is always there to help us out.”  Michelle commended Gena for the creation of a Dining Etiquette booklet that will be a new resource for all CSU-Pueblo students.
Charlatte Cesar – Administrative Assistant III in Residence Life and Housing was nominated by Tamarae Ellis, Rhonda Park Uber, Miashia Dixon and Susan Benesch.
Tamarae writes, “Charlatte has built strong relationships with students all over campus as well as community members and parents. Charlatte is an advocate of students and a supporter for staff and supervisors. Recently Charlatte decided she wanted to know how we use the HMS program…in two short weeks, Charlatte was able to master the program and has been making our office more proficient and efficient in our work with HMS, and has helped our department by providing better customer service for residents and parents. It is at Charlatte’s hand that we are able to stay organized and fulfill the needs of students, maintain our departmental goals and often exceed those goals and expectations.”   
Rhonda wrote, “Charlatte has demonstrated on numerous occasions the ability to communicate effectively with students, staff, faculty and community.”  Over the last year, she has updated a number of procedures and processes. Charlatte is a true asset for the Office of Residence Life and Housing, The Division of Student Affairs and for the University.
Miashia shares that Charlatte’s organization and ability to think on her feet have had the front desk of Belmont Hall running smoothly and effectively – files are easy to find, most of the answers are in an organized binder, and “Charlatte’s extensive knowledge of the campus is amazing”. Susan who supervised Charlatte for several years in Human Resources states that Charlatte did an amazing job of keeping the office organized. Everything had its place and you could always count on finding the information when you needed it.  You never had to remind her to complete a task. Her work was always accurate and on time.
Jamie Gott- Administrative Assistant II was nominated by Cathy Robbe. 
Cat describes how the Purchase Order Processing here at CSU-Pueblo is challenging. “Miss one little step and GN’s go into no where land.” Cat says, “Jamie is always friendly and understanding when assisting in creating PO’s and the access of information.”  She states how Jamie makes the daunting process less stressful and often laughs with her when creating the documents. “On several occasions I have had to call her and she always gives me a quick response. Her knowledge of the system and willingness to help again and again and again and again is always appreciated. She has job security as long as I have questions!”
 Loretta Cisneros - Administrative Assistant II was nominated by Cat Robbe.
Known to her as Ms. Loretta, she is described as Cat's "Go to Gal".  She says she values her knowledge of the campus community, departments, and contacts.  Professionally she is great, knowledgeable and treats people with great respect.  Cat stated that one day an important call came in from her Mom's care provider while she was off campus and within minutes, Loretta went out of her way to track her down.  It was a great sense of comfort knowing that Cat can rely on Loretta's support both professionally and personally.  "KUDOS to Ms. Loretta- - - above and beyond!".  You can hear "her walk" and laughter coming from down the hallway!  Cat acknowledged that she truly enjoys, respects, and loves working with her.

Patricia Higginbotham – Administrative Assistant II was nominated by Carol Langer and the faculty of the Social Work and Sociology Department. 
Pat was nominated for her dependability and pride she takes in her work.  Pat has helped with number of important projects outside her normal duties.  The faculty say they consider her an exemplary employee on whom they regularly depend.  “She is extraordinary”.