CSU-Pueblo Alumni Association

Speakers Bureau

Speaker at CSU-PuebloFaculty and Staff listed here have indicated an interest in providing information on relevant topics to news media and/or in speaking to service organizations in their areas of expertise.

To arrange for a speaker, please contact:
Cora Zaletel
Executive Director, Development and Communications
Phone: 719 549-2810
Fax: 719 549-2371

If you are interested in becoming part of the Speakers Bureau at Colorado State University-Pueblo, please fill out the online Speaker's Bureau form and e-mail it to niki.whitaker@csupueblo.edu or send a printed copy to the External Affairs office, ADM 320.

Art/Art History

William Folkstead, Ph.D.

Acting Dean, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Art Department Chair/Associate Professor of Art
Phone: 719.549.2834
E-mail: william.folkestad@csupueblo.edu

Athletic Training & Sports Medicine

Roger Clark, Ph.D.

Phone: 719.549.2530
E-mail: roger.clark@csupueblo.edu


Frank Zizza

Professor/Chair of Math & Physics
Phone: 719.549.2444
E-mail: frank.zizza@csupueblo.edu


Kevin Duncan, Ph.D.

Economics: local, state, or national
Associate Professor, Hasan School of Business
Phone: 719.549.2228
E-mail: kevin.duncan@csupueblo.edu

Michael Wakefield, Ph.D.

Strategic Planning and Management, Entrepreneurship, Small Business Management, Family Business
Assistant Professor, Hasan School of Business
Phone: 719.549.2933
E-mail: michael.wakefield@csupueblo.edu

Steven Norman, Ph.D.

Organizational Behavior & Leadership
Associate Professor of Management
Phone: 719.549.2588
E-mail: steve.norman@csupueblo.edu

Brad Gilbreath

Job Stress, Compensation, Person-Environment Fit
Associate Professor, Hasan School of Business
Phone: 719.549.2157
E-mail: brad.gilbreath@csupueblo.edu

Hsin-Hui (Ida) Whited, Ph. D.

Associate Professor in Finance, Hasan School of Business
Phone: 719.549.2853
E-mail: ida.whited@csupueblo.edu

Wayne Martinez

Computer Information Systems
Lecture, CIS & Microsoft Office
Phone: 719.549.2698
E-mail: wayne.martinez@csupueblo.edu

Chicano Studies/Southwest History

Fawn-Amber Montoya

Assistant Professor of History & Coordinator of Chicano Studies
Phone: 719.549.2620
E-mail: fawnamber.montoya@csupueblo.edu

Computer Information Systems

Juyun (Joey) Cho

Computer Programming Languages, Mobile Application Development (iPhone app), Software development methodology, Agile Software Development, Cloud Computing, Near Field Communication Technology, Management Information Systems
Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems
Phone: 719.549.2792
E-mail: joey.cho@csupueblo.edu


Tracy Samora

Alumni Relations, Volunteer Management, Event Planning
Director of Alumni Relations
Phone: 719.549.2858
E-mail: tracy.samora@csupueblo.edu


Joseph McKinney

Instructing/Demonstrating a Effective Study Skills, Techniques, and Strategies; Integrating/Employing Different Attitudinal/Philosophical Perspectives to Impact Behavior and Foster Academic Success
Coordinator, Academic Improvement Program
Phone: 719.549.2523
E-mail: joseph.mckinney@csupueblo.edu

Jenny Piazza

Equity (gender, class, race, homophobia), elementary education, mathematics education, reading in the content area
Associate Professor, College of Education, Engineering, and Professional Studies
Phone: 719.549.2259
E-mail: jenny.piazza@csupueblo.edu

Dr. Alegría Ribadeneira

Second Language Teaching and Learning, Heritage Language Teaching and Learning
Associate Professor and Associate Chair of Foreign Languages
Phone: 719.549.2887
E-mail: alegria.ribadeneira@csupueblo.edu


Leonard Bedoya-Valencia

Modeling, Simulation & Optimization
Assistant Professor of Engineering
Phone: 719.549.2788
E-mail: l.bedoyavalencia@csupueblo.edu

J.P. Purswell, Ph.D.

Ergonomics, OSHA, Chemical Safety and Safety Data Sheets Industrial Safety, Consumer Product Safety
P.E. CPE, Adjunct Professor of Industrial Engineering
Phone: 719.330.0126
E-mail: jerry.purswell@csupueblo.edu


Dr. Matt Harris

Founding Fathers, Church and State, Origins of Constitution, American Revolution, Race and Religion (particularly Mormons), American Legal History
Associate Professor of History
Phone: 719.549.2177
E-mail: matt.harris@csupueblo.edu

Mass Communications

Cora Zaletel

New Media, the Internet/WWW, Interactive media, Multimedia Telecommunications, Digital Television
Executive Director of External Affairs for CSU-Pueblo
Phone: 719.549.2576
E-mail: cora.zaletel@csupueblo.edu

Samuel Ebersole

Associate Professor and Chair of Mass Communications and Center for New Media
Phone: 719.549.2018
E-mail: samuel.ebersole@csupueblo.edu


Frank Zizza

Professor/Chair of Math & Physics
Phone: 719.549.2444
E-mail: frank.zizza@csupueblo.edu

Darren Funk-Neubauer

Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Phone: 719.549.2693
E-mail: darren.funkneubauer@csupueblo.edu

Jonathan Poritz

Assistant Professor of Math/Physics, Statistics, Computer Science/security & Privacy
Phone: 719.549.2044
E-mail: jonathan.poritz@csupueblo.edu


Marc Pratarelli

Professor of Psychology, Neuroscience, Human Behavior, Internet Addiction, lie Detection, Environmental Issues
Phone: 719.549.2625
E-mail: marc.pratarelli@csupueblo.edu

Political Science

Joel W. Johnson

Politics, Political Science, Comparative Politics
Assistant Professor of Political Science
Phone: 719.549.2837
E-mail: joel.johnson@csupueblo.edu


Dan Caprioglio, Ph.D.

Genetics, Cancer Biology, Microbiology
Associate Professor
Phone: 719.549.2027
E-mail: dan.caprioglio@csupueblo.edu

Melvin Druelinger, Ph.D.

Organic Chemistry, Government funding relating to both research and education
Professor of Chemistry
Phone: 719.549.2166
E-mail: mel.druelinger@csupueblo.edu

Jeff Smith

Neuroscience: Stroke, Alzheimer’s Disease
Assistant Professor of Biology
Phone: 719.549.2420
E-mail: jeff.smith@csupueblo.edu

Helen Caprioglio

Cell/Micro Biology & Science Teacher Education
Assistant Professor of Biology
Phone: 719.549.2815
E-mail: helen.caprioglio@csupueblo.edu


Timothy McGettigan

Social Inequality (issues including: poverty, race, gender, class), Power/Politics, Globalization, Information technology, Electronic publishing
Department of Sociology
Phone: 719.549.2416
E-mail: timothy.mcgettigan@csupueblo.edu