Living Learning Communities

Come live and learn with us……

CSU-Pueblo StudentsLiving Learning Communities are floors especially for students who share a particular interest in various academic areas, social issues or activities. If you want to get a good start in college, these communities are worth checking out:






Thunderwolf Residential Academic Communities (TRACs)

The Thunderwolf Residential Academic Communities (TRACs) are academically based communities designed to cluster students around a shared major or interdisciplinary area of study. 

Nursing (Pre-Nursing & Nursing majors)

Residents of the Nursing TRAC will have the opportunity to learn more about the nursing field, participate in residential-based tutoring for required courses, and interact with faculty and retention staff in the Nursing program.

Teacher Education (Teacher Education and K-12 Emphasis majors)

Residents of the Teacher Education TRAC will develop a community of learners in the residence hall and participate in curricular and professional development opportunities with the Teacher Education Program.

Exercise Science & Health Promotions (Exercise Science, Health Promotions, and Recreation majors)  

Residents of the EXHPR TRAC will have the opportunity to engage with other students and faculty interested in recreation, wellness, and healthy living.

Arts & Media (Art, Mass Communications, & Music majors)

Residents of the Arts & Media TRAC will engage in a community that will bring creativity to the residential experience and participate in experiential activities related to the arts and media fields.

Social Sciences (English, History, & Political Science and Philosophy minors)

Residents of the Social Sciences TRAC will live and learn together while exploring current events, understanding historical significance of events, developing an understanding of different perspectives, and attending workshops to promote critical thinking.

Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics (STEM) (Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Engineering, Mathematics, & Physics majors)

Residents of the STEM TRAC will explore various areas of science through faculty lectures, field trips, and academic resources, as well as develop strong peer networks to promote academic success.

Business (Accounting, Business Management, Economics, and CIS majors)

Residents of the Business TRAC will have the opportunity to learn more about the field of business, participate in hands-on business-related activities, and interact with faculty and staff of the Hasan School of Business.

Thematic FloorsCSU-Pueblo Students at the Pavillion

First-Year Experience

The First-Year Experience community is a co-ed, freshman, residential living-learning environment that encourages students to connect with their peers, faculty and staff through participation in various activities important to first-year students.  It offers a series of programs designed to help students successfully transition to CSU- Pueblo.

Outdoor Leadership Community

The Outdoor Leadership Community (OLC) is a living and learning community intentionally designed for freshman students who share outdoor pursuits interests.  OLC participants will have the opportunity to experience the natural environments of Colorado. Students will learn a variety of outdoor living skills, trip planning skills, wilderness medicine, and group leadership skills applicable to a variety of wilderness traveling scenarios.  The OLC program facilitates cohesive connections with peers and fosters a connection to the University, Pueblo and Colorado.  The OLC is interactive, supportive, challenging and fun.