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The Colorado State University-Pueblo (the "University") provides a variety of Internet services to on-campus residents ("TWOLFnet").

TWOLFnet allows faculty, staff, and students to connect personal devices (non-university owned devices) to the University's high-speed Internet.

TWOLFnet uses resources that are shared with many other people. Each user benefits by being able to share resources and communicate with other members of the user community. However, as with any community, the benefits and privileges available from TWOLFnet, and the Internet in general, must be balanced with duties and responsibilities so that everyone can have quality access.

TWOLFnet Wireless

TWOLFnet Wireless is a campus network intended for student, faculty, staff and guest personal use to access the Internet. It is simple to configure on your computer and supports 802.11b and 802.11g wireless network cards.


TWOLFnet Wireless is currently available in the following locations CSU-Pueblo TWOLFnet Wireless Map CSU-Pueblo TWOLF<i>net</i> Wireless Map (PDF File)

Acceptable Use Policy

TWOLFnet is governed by the following Acceptable Use Policy CSU-Pueblo TWOLFnet Acceptable Use Policy (CSU-Pueblo TWOLF<i>net</i> Acceptable Use Policy) (PDF File)
Important Note: Colorado State University-Pueblo may revise this Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) from time to time without notice by posting a new version of this document. (Last modified: October 4, 2005).

Register your device

All personal devices must be registered to utilize TWOLFnet. Registration will require an active university eaccount and you will need to provide the MAC address of your device. Depending on the device, the MAC address may also be referred to as one of the following: Wi-Fi Address, Airport ID, Physical Address.​​​


 Find your device's MAC Address:

Android OS
iPhone / iPod Touch
Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger)
Mac OS 10.5 & 10.6 (Leopard and Snow Leopard)
Other (Device not found)
PlayStation 2
PlayStation 3
Wii - USB Ethernet Adapter
Windows Vista/Windows 7
Windows XP
XBox 360