Publishing Personal Web Sites Using Secure FTP Example

Publishing Web pages at CSU-Pueblo
Using Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) -- Example

Each faculty and staff member is given 100 MB of storage on the University's Web server to host a personal Web site. Students are also given storage for a course on the request of the professor to the Help Desk. The instructions below are for faculty to upload/update their personal SecureFTP (SFTP) Web sites. Staff and Students need to substitute their respective folders for uploading/updating their respective personal SFTP Web sites.

How to Publish

  1. After you have created your Web site, launch SFTP. (Instructions)
  2. Open the 'Faculty' folder and find your eAccount. (You can scroll to your eAccount, type the first letter of your eAccount, or type your eAccount in the address field after '/Faculty/')
  3. Drag – and – drop your Web pages into your 'Faculty' folder.
  4. To view your personal Web site go to eAccount. For example: