Web Editing

Welcome to the Web Developers section of the Information Technology Services Web site.  This section is designed for Web Developers of websites at CSU-Pueblo to assist with Web page development.

CMS Websites

All CMS Websites start with the following URL:

  • http://www.csupueblo.edu
  • http://alumni.csupueblo.edu
  • http://auxiliaryservices.csupueblo.edu
  • http://ceeps.csupueblo.edu
  • http://chass.csupueblo.edu
  • http://extendedstudies.csupueblo.edu
  • http://csm.csupueblo.edu
  • http://giving.csupueblo.edu
  • http://www.gocsupueblo.com
  • http://graduatestudies.csupueblo.edu
  • http://hsb.csupueblo.edu

Non-CMS Websites

All Non-CMS Websites start with the following URL:

  • http://library.csupueblo.edu
  • https://secure.csupueblo.edu
  • http://static.www.csupueblo.edu

Personal Websites

All personal Websites are included with the creation of Faculty/Staff accounts and you do not have to complete a Computing Resource Application (CRA). By default the method for uploading/updating personal Web sites on the CSU-Pueblo Web server is Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). Each faculty and staff member is given 100 MB of storage on the University's Web server to host a personal Web site. Students are also given storage on the request of the professor to the Help Desk. Otherwise all students may take advantage of personal Website space with their Office 365 account. The following URL's will include your eAccount after the address.

Example: http://faculty.csupueblo.edu/john.doe

  • http://faculty.csupueblo.edu
  • http://staff.csupueblo.edu
  • http://student.csupueblo.edu

Please contact the Help Desk if you have any questions.

For more information about University Web sites feel free to browse the following resources.

Publishing Web Pages

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