Frequently Asked Questions

What is OrgSync?

OrgSync is a master tool for organization members to help manage their organization. OrgSync is similar to Facebook, Twitter and MySpace in helping communication between members. OrgSync allows members to assign tasks, submit a Student Organization Finance Grant, to administer polls and discussion forums. The Student Org Team within the Office of Student Activities (OSA) uses OrgSync to manage and guide all campus-wide organizations.

Where can I get posters approved?

Take your poster to the Student Engagement and Leadership office to get the poster reviewed and receive suggestions for improvement. Afterwards, you must obtain a stamp from the Office of External Affairs in the Administration Building room 320. To post posters in the Occhiato University Center, you will need to obtain a stamp from the Auxiliary Services Office. To post in the Residence Halls, you must take a stack of approved posters to the main desk in Belmont Residence Hall.

How do I get a Multimedia Designer to create posters for my Student Organizations?

To get a Multimedia Designer to create a poster for your organization, a member of your student organization will need to fill out an Ad Request Form located on OrgSync.

How much does a Student Organizations get allocated for the full year?

The maximum a registered Student Organization can receive per fiscal year is $3,000 for programming, $2,000 for travel, and $300 for operating. 

Where can I find the Student Organizations work space?

The Student Organization Leadership and Resource (SOLAR) Room is located downstairs in the Occhiato University Center (by the Underground). The room is provided for Student Organizations to utilize. This space includes:  a lounge area, work space, computers, and printing for Student Organizations only. 

How can I get involved in a Fraternity or Sorority?

We have one fraternity  (Lambda Chi Alpha) and two sororities​ (Alpha Sigma Alpha and Lambda Theta Nu Sorority, Inc.) here at CSU-Pueblo. Typically new member recruitment occurs at the beginning of each semester. Watch out for signs and announcements. Social gatherings and information networking sessions occur throughout the year where you can meet members of the Sorority and Fraternities.

How do I start a new Student Organization?

Starting a new student organization is fast and simple. You need four CSU-Pueblo students, an advisor, and a completed application online on OrgSync. For more information contact the Student Engagement and Leadership at 719.549.2151.

How do I find an advisor for my Student Organization?

Ask faculty and staff members with an interest in what your student organization will represent.

How does my Student Organization request funds for programming?  

Student Organizations requests funds from the Student Organization Finance Committee. For more information, an application, and policies on the Student Organization Funding please visit OrgSync.

Where can I pick up any mail that may come in for my student organization?  

All student organization mail will be put into your club mailbox, in the Student Organization Leadership and Resource (SOLAR) Room (next to the underground). 

Where do I meet the Student Organization Finance committee for allocation requests?

SOF meets in the Associated Students’ Government Chambers in the Occhiato University Center. For specific dates please visit http://www.csupueblo.edu/StudentActivities/StudentOrganizations/Pages/SOF-Grants

How does my Student Organization get t-shirts or bring a guest speaker to campus?

Any Student Organization can request funds from the SOF Committee to aid in bringing guest speakers to campus or to create student organization t-shirts. http://www.csupueblo.edu/StudentActivities/StudentOrganizations/Pages/SOF-Grants​ will have all the resources you need for your student organization funding grant.

How do I get reimbursed for Student Organization expenses?

After your Student Organization’s SOF Grant Application has been deliberated by the SOF Committee, expenses can be reimbursed through the help of members in the Student Engagement and Leadership office. For more information please contact the Student Engagement and Leadership office for specific situations.

Can a Student Organizations order food from off campus?

Due to the University agreement with Chartwells, all food must be catered through Chartwells University Catering. For exceptions or questions, please contact the Auxiliary Services at 719.549.2149.