University Policies

CSU-Pueblo SealPolicies on this Web site generally relate to broad campus questions and initiatives. For departmental level information, consult the A to Z directory.

Emergency Campus Closure Notification

In the case of extreme weather conditions, energy resource reductions, or situations impacting normal operating conditions, it may be necessary to curtail or shut down university operations. Find more information about our campus closure and emergency notifications here.

Posting Policy

The External Affairs office is pleased to announce some amendments to the university posting policies.  All posters/flyers intended for display beyond those in the OUC or residence halls must be approved.  Posters for the residence hall must be approved by the front desk employees there and all of those being posted in the PUC must be approved through auxiliary services.  Further information about our posting policy is located on the Communications website.

Privacy Statement

Colorado State University-Pueblo is committed to protecting the privacy and accuracy of confidential information submitted by employees, students, and visitors to our Web site. Our full Privacy Statement can be found through this link. 

Student Judicial Affairs

Student conduct at CSU-Pueblo is governed by the Student Conduct Code, which describes the University's expectations of its students and the procedures by which allegations of misconduct will be adjudicated. Students should also be aware of other policies that inform their behavior, such as the Residence Life & Housing handbook and Information Technology Services policies. Visit the official page for the Office of Student Conduct for more information.

Technology Policies

Information Technology Services provides a number of policies for internet, computer, and website users. All of our Technology Policies can be found at our Information Technology Services website. 

Tobacco Policy

Campus-wide tobacco regulations are intended to limit the potential adverse effects of smoking and other tobacco use on others. Tobacco Policy 

Website Disclaimer

The information contained herein is provided as a public service with the understanding that CSU-Pueblo makes no warranties, either expressed or implied, concerning the accuracy, completeness, reliability, or suitability of the information. Nor does CSU-Pueblo warrant the use of this information is free of any claims of copyright infringement. CSU-Pueblo does not endorse commercial providers, their products, or banner advertisements. Find our full disclaimer through this link.