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Floor Plans of the Occhiato University Center

The Occhiato University Center is where many of our students spend a good deal of their time. It houses three dining areas on campus: the Columbine Cafeteria, the La Cantina, and the Aspen Leaf. You can use your Fiesta Cash to purchase food ala carte at the Aspen Leaf and La Cantina, or you can simply pay with cash. There is also a new coffee cart where you can grab a latte and biscotti on your way to class. 
Another popular place in this building is the bookstore, where you can obviously buy your text books, as well as purchase CSU-Pueblo apparel and gifts. The university copy center is also located in the bookstore, and it offers a good deal on copies that you will need to make for presentations. 
The University Center also houses many student organizations. The Associated Students' Government (ASG) is a great way to get involved with other students and the CSU-Pueblo Administration. The Office of Student Activities (OSA) is also located in this building. OSA organizes many events that you will love, like movie nights, casino nights, and karaoke.

Floor Plans of the Occhiato University Center
Occhiato Center Level 1  Occhiato Center Level 2  Occhiato Center Level 3
Enlarge Level 1               |              Enlarge Level 2             |              Enlarge Level 3