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Timeline for Prioritization of University Programs


Oct 18 UBB Charge received from President Di Mare
Oct 24 UBB Discussion of guiding principles for addressing FY13 and FY14 issues
Oct 31 UBB further discussion, Request made for FY13 data from Marty
Nov 7
Marty reports actual FY13 E&G Revenue & Expenses.
UBB Subcommittee is formed to develop process and criteria for budget prioritization
Nov 14 UBB subcommittee develops action plan to develop process and criteria for budget prioritization
Nov 21 Subcommittee members meet with President Di Mare to determine her priorities for criteria, any items that are ‘untouchable’ and her feedback on timelines
Nov 26 Subcommittee meets to consider Dr Di Mare’s feedback and determine presentation for UBB and review draft PREP templates (Program Review to Establish Priorities)
Nov 28  Subcommittee members meet with Lin Chang, Jennifer Torres and Marty Hanifin to determine what data can be accessed and used to populate PREP templates
Nov 28 Review progress on criteria, process and PREP templates during UBB meeting and identify volunteers to review draft PREP templates
Dec 5 Comments on PREP draft templates received from select UBB members.  Revise list of programs to be reviewed
Dec 7 Distribute PREP revised templates, process and timeline to UBB for feedback
Dec 12 UBB meets to return feedback to subcommittee on PREPs, rubric, communication
Dec 17 Feedback on PREP templates to subcommittee members by 5:00pm
Dec 18 VPs/President/Dean of Student Services return confirm list of programs to Helen, UBB subcommittee
Dec 18 Subcommittee meets to finalize PREP templates


​Jan 8 Meeting with chairs to clarify final Instructional program template changes.  Evaluation group meets to revise rubrics​
​Jan 9 Subcommittee meets with President DiMare for update.  UBB meets to approve templates, discuss rubrics, communication, and data input.
Jan 10
Final PREP templates submitted to President Di Mare, for distribution and requesting data from Lin Chang and Marty Hanifin.
Jan 16 ​UBB discussed & approved PREP Rubrics, Review groups & Initial Process
​Jan 18 Subcommittee reps to meet with Chair's council for explanation/questions​
Jan 23 UBB meets to discuss FAQs for website, criterion weighting and ratings evaluation process leading to recommendations

Feb 6
Distribute data and PREP templates to vice presidents for distribution to units. UBB finalizes evaluation process
​Feb 6 ​UBB Discusses PREP data handling and potential peer comparisons
​Feb 27 Vice Presidents submit to UBB completed PREP templates from respective units​
​Feb 27-Mar 13 PREPs reviewed by criteria subcommittees of UBB
Mar 14-Apr 3 UBB discusses Prioritization results and prepares budget recommendations
​Apr 4 ​Submit UBB FY14 Program Prioritization results to President Di Mare