CSU–Pueblo shares facts about Mexican anthem played at ballgame

The following provides an accurate portrayal of what occurred at Sunday’s baseball game between Colorado State University – Pueblo and Colorado School of Mines at Rawlings Sports Complex.

Sunday, April 29, was "Seniors Day" for the CSU-Pueblo baseball team. In honor of one of the University’s graduating seniors (a young Mexican man who is in the country legally and is charged non-resident tuition) and at the request of his teammates, the announcer played the Mexican National Anthem. A Mexican flag was displayed in the CSU-Pueblo dugout during the tribute. The US flag was prominently displayed on the stadium flagpole and was the only flag so displayed. The Mexican anthem was to be followed immediately by the U.S. National Anthem (as is customary on such occasions), but the equipment failed, and the playing of the anthem was delayed by 30-40 seconds. During this delay, someone in the crowd became understandably upset and demanded that the U.S. Anthem be played. After the U.S. Anthem was played, the announcer made a joke, "And now we'll play the Canadian National Anthem" that was in poor taste and that further incited a few people in the crowd.

Before the playing of the Mexican Anthem, the announcer should have said that it would be followed immediately by the U.S. National Anthem, but he failed to do so.

The University normally does not play any other national anthem at our athletic events and the game on Sunday was not the result of a change in any University policy.

“The University takes pride in honoring both our own team members and our opponents, and this was a special occasion for a young man who has been a proud and loyal member of our baseball team and our university,” Folda said.

The University apologizes to those who were offended by this gesture of goodwill to honor one of our senior players, and for the equipment malfunction that contributed to the hard feelings by several of those in attendance.

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