CSU–Pueblo announces student academic writing awards for 07-08

The best of Colorado State University-Pueblo’s student writers were honored at the Sixth Annual Student Academic Writing Awards Banquet April 15 in the Occhiato University Center. Entries came from all four university colleges, from a wide variety of disciplines, including history, English, chemistry, economics, mathematics, social work, mass communications, and business administration.

Winners in the three contest categories, whose papers originated in their university coursework, received cash awards in the amount of $150 for first place, $100 for second, and $50 for third. The CSU-Pueblo English Club and Sigma Tau Delta Honor Society coordinated the event with faculty co-sponsors Jeff Piquette, teacher education, and Katherine Frank and Margaret Barber, both of the English and Foreign Language. Financial support came from numerous academic units from across the campus.

The winners (hometown), the paper title, the courses, and their sponsoring faculty members are:

Lower Division
1. DeAnna Power (Beulah), “Surviving After the Storm,” Feature Writing,”
Leticia Steffen

2. Jenna Garcia (Pueblo), The Relationship between Water Temperature and the Time It Takes to Freeze “Elementary Concepts in Physics and Chemistry," Jeff Piquette

3. Alberto Correa (Salida) and Sarah Miller (Pueblo West), The Case Against Minimum Wage: It’s Economic Rationale and Political Elements "Principles of Macroeconomics," Hsin- hui Whited

English Composition
1. Gayle Bosley (Penrose), Negligent America: Absence of Mexican Americans in K-12 American History Textbooks “Composition II,” Jason Saphara

2. Christopher Klansky (Bailey), “Contrary Perceptions Composition II,” Dianne Brooks

3. Steven Stiles (Canon City), The Ultimate Question: What Is Truth? “Composition II,” Dianne Brooks

Upper Division
1. Elisabeth Heinen (Germany), Bringing the Blues But Being the Reason to Live On: Representation of Men in Michael Dorris’s A Yellow Raft in Blue Water “English Senior Seminar,” Cynthia Taylor

2. Cole McGee (Pueblo), “Bertrandon de la Brocqiere and Eastern Mediterranean Trade and the Economic Interdependence of Christian/Muslim Foreign Relations in the 15th Century, “History Senior Seminar,” Beatrice Spade

3. Matthew Neely (Rye), Camouflaging the Evocative: Making Sense of Vietnam through Dien Cai Dau, “Poetry,” Juan Morales

This year's contest also honored entries in a new Creative Writing division, which was sponsored by the Literary Arts Festival and a CSU-Pueblo professional development grant.

Eight students were awarded cash prizes for their entries in the Prose, Poetry, and Drama categories: James MacIndoe (Pueblo), Matthew Neely (Rye), Jenny Dunnington (Pueblo), Patricia Lynn Garcia(Pueblo), Joette Ucar (Pueblo), Michelle Atencio (Pueblo), Kevin Van Winkle (Colorado Springs), and Constance Little (Wetmore).

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