CSU–Pueblo fall enrollment numbers confirm double digit growth

The official enrollment numbers for the fall semester at Colorado State University-Pueblo confirmed the University’s predictions of double digit growth, thanks to a substantial increase in the number of incoming freshmen and non-resident students.

The overall headcount for the Fall 2008 semester grew 11.3 percent from 4,142 to 4,610, with gross full time equivalent enrollment increasing more than 10 percent to 3,763. The 1,033 new freshmen represent a 65 percent (+ 407) increase over Fall 2007 and constitute the largest freshman class in University history.

CSU-Pueblo President Joseph Garcia said the increase is the result of numerous initiatives from athletic expansion and campus construction to a modified recruitment and admissions process. He thanked campus and community members for all their time, effort, and resources over the past year, which helped fuel the enrollment growth.

“The support we have received from the community, the hard work of our faculty and staff, and the addition of new facilities and programs all have contributed to the growth, energy, and optimism that are clearly visible on campus,” said President Joseph Garcia. “I am confident that we will see more of the same in the years ahead.”

The University is attracting more students both within and outside the Colorado borders. The number of students from Colorado increased 9.8 percent (+364) with the top three growth areas being El Paso County, Denver Metro, and Pueblo County. Students from outside Colorado increased 25 percent (+104) with significant populations from California, Hawaii, and Texas. Students from Western Undergraduate Exchange States (Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, Utah, South Dakota, Washington, and Wyoming) increased 33 percent (+52), while students from other states grew by 55, a 40 percent increase.

Headcount enrollment increased in all colleges: +18 percent in the College of Education, Engineering and Professional Studies, four percent in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, 15 percent for the College of Science and Math, and 12 percent for the Hasan School of Business. New transfer students increased 14 percent (+55), while overall new students increased 31 percent (+433).

According to Assistant Vice President for Admissions and Records Joe Marshall, the growth also was the result of an increase of more than 80 percent in applications and admitted students during the 2007-08 recruitment cycle.

Along with enrollment growth, one of the University’s strength goals was to improve fall to fall retention, and preliminary numbers indicate that retention is up 2.2 percent over Fall 2007.

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