Frequently Asked Questions



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How do I apply for Housing?
Am I required to live on campus?
What is the deposit for housing?
Do you provide married student housing for couples or family housing for students who have dependent children?
What about the University Village at Walking Stick Apartments?
When will I receive my housing assignment?
Do students ever get assigned to halls or rooms they did not request?
Can I request a specific roommate?
When can I move in?
Can I get on a waiting list to live in Crestone Hall?
How do I get to Pueblo?
I’ve applied for housing at CSU-Pueblo but I’ve decided not to come to school here. How do I cancel my application?
Staffing: What is an RA?
What facilities/features do you provide?
Where can I go if I have a concern while living in the hall?
Can we bring refrigerators and microwaves?
Can I bring bed risers to make more space under my bed?
What about candles and smoking?
How can I access Internet in the halls?
Are the floors co-ed?
Can I bring my pet?
Where can I send/receive mail or packages?
Where can I eat on campus?
Can I change my meal plan?
Can I change my room?
Can I permanently move-out of housing at the end of Fall semester in December?
What is the buy-out option?
How do I buy-out of my contract?