Housing & Meal Plan Rates

2014/2015 Room Rates*

*All rates are per semester

Belmont Hall

Double Room w/ Community Bath

$2,111.00 / Semester

Single Room w/Community Bath

$2,705.00 / Semester



Crestone, Culebra, and Greenhorn Halls

Double Room Suite w/ Shared Bath

$2,678.00 / Semester

Double Room Suite w/ Shared Bath as a Single Room Suite

Add’l  $721.00 / Semester

Double Room w/ Private Bath

$3,038.00 / Semester

Single Room Suite w/ Shared Bath

$3,501.00 / Semester

Private Room w/ Private Bath

$3,872.00 / Semester


2014/2015 Meal Plan Rates*

*All rates are per semester


Options Available to All Residents

The Weekly Plans allow residents to purchase a set number of meals per week in the Columbine Café, in addition the dining dollars may be used at any on-campus food location for the purchase of food items.

12 Meals per week + 150 Flex Points


14 Meals per week + 110 Flex Points


17 Meals per week + 50 Flex Points


Unlimited Meals in the Columbine Café   (No Dining Dollars)


Upper Classmen and Commuter Students

10 Meals per week + 100 Flex Points


$500 Dining Dollars (Freshman not eligible)


$1000 Dining Dollars (Freshman not eligible)


Available to Commuter Students Only

​10 Meals + 25 Flex Points $​89/ Semester

25 Meals + 50 Flex Points


​50 Meals + 100 Flex Points

$420/ Semester


Application Information & Refund Policy

Student Residence All students and parents should read over the Housing Contract and Residence Hall Application carefully and understand all terms of the contract. The Housing Contract requires all residents to purchase a meal plan and is binding for the entire academic year or remaining portion of the year unless the student is expressly released in writing from the Contract by the Department of Residence Life and Housing.

How do I Apply for Housing?

The University Housing Application is now available online. 
To apply for housing:

  1. Login to PAWS through the T-Wolf Student Portal.
  2. Once in PAWS, click on the Housing Link. 
  3. Click on the HMSWeb Link.
  4. Follow the instructions to apply for housing

If you would like an application mailed to you, please contact our main office at (719)549-2602 during regular business hours Mon-Fri 8am-5pm.

The $250 Application Fee and Housing Deposit is required with each Housing Contract and Application. Applications that are not accompanied by the $250 deposit/fee will not be processed for assignment.

Incomplete applications will be put on file until a deposit is paid. Please, make your check/money order payable to CSU-Pueblo and include your PID on the memo.
Completed applications are processed when we receive them and University Housing makes no absolute guarantees to honor room preferences marked on the Housing Application.

Full Refund of Deposit

A full refund of the $200 deposit will be refunded if written notice of cancellation is postmarked and/or received in the University Housing Office by July 1st for contracts beginning in Fall Semester and December 1st for contracts beginning in Spring Semester.