Employee Accounts

Network Accounts

CSU-Pueblo has an extensive computing network which provides access to software applications, printing, electronic mail, library resources, administrative records, and the Internet. Faculty and staff need to complete a Computing Resource Application (CRA) to obtain an account.

For more information or to obtain an application, contact the Help Desk


All faculty/staff are eligible for electronic mail accounts. This account will be assigned within the computing resource application. All CSU-Pueblo electronic mail accounts have the address of user-id@csupueblo.edu.

E-mail service for most faculty and staff is provided by the Exchange® server. A Secure Web interface to Exchange® is provided through Web Mail.


Blackboard accounts are automatically generated once registrations occur for a course.  The instructor of record is granted access, provided they have a Network Account.

Where can I get help with Blackboard? The Colorado State University-Pueblo Instructional Technology Center offers a variety of classes in using technology in education. Our focus is to facilitate your efforts in whatever way is most beneficial to you and your students. Beside classes on Blackboard Basics, Blackboard Tools, and Blackboard Workshop, we are willing to do one-on-one instruction, if that is the most beneficial method to enable you to use this powerful tool. Call us at 549.2024 or e-mail ITC@csupueblo.edu to arrange a time to meet with our staff.


List Processing is provided by the Lyris ListManager® software. Individuals needing a new list should obtain the Application for Special CSU-Pueblo Net Account request form. Lists are initially created with just the "list admin" account. After the initial creation, the "list admin " is notified and asked to complete the information for the list by using a Web browser to access the Lyris ListManager® interface.
Simple details on using the Lyris ListManager® interface will be e-mailed to the "list admin" along with the URL for subscribing. Lyris ListManager® extensive documentation  is also available.

Web Accounts

Employees can access their homepage from the URL http://faculty.csupueblo.edu/ or http://staff.colostate-pueblo.edu by adding their eAccount user-id.

EXAMPLE: John Doe - http://faculty.csupueblo.edu/john.doe for faculty and http://staff.csupueblo/john.doe for staff.

For information on how to publish your personal Web pages, please visit the Web Developers site.​