Help Desk


LARC 129




Help Desk is open for telephone and in-person support during the same hours as the LARC


 CSU-Pueblo Information Technology Services Help Desk consists of the central call center located in LARC 129 which takes all calls for services/information for the following areas:

  • Computer Hardware Problems or Installation 
  • Computer Software Problems or Installation 
  • Locations/Schedule for Computer Labs 
  • Application for E-Mail, Network, Blackboard Accounts, and AIS accounts 
  • Assistance with E-Mail, Network, Blackboard, and AIS problems 
  • Audio/Visual Equipment Scheduling 
  • Electronic Classroom Locations (Scheduling is through Kathy Shisler in Records at extension 2900) 
  • Telecommunications Services - telephone equipment, voice mail, cabling, jacks
  • Report printouts/pickup
  • Documentation

Service Schedule

In order to optimize performance, it must routinely be tuned, maintained, and upgraded. This periodic "tune-up" must take place with no users on the network. This will affect network logins, e-mail, Internet access, AIS access, network printing, etc.  The service schedule is to alert you to specific dates and times that ALL network connections and/or campus telephones will be unavailable due to maintenance of these mission-critical information systems. Please refer to the schedule below. Please note the following dates and times and the resource(s) affected:

  • Wednesday, March 25th, – Friday, March 27th
    Systems Affected: Network in Technology Building
    Purpose: Install new network equipment in the Technology Building
    Status During Maintenance Window: Intermittent outages as systems are moved over to the new network

For any given scheduled maintenance, the entire allocated time may not be used. If not, network resources and/or campus telephones will be available to you as soon as possible. However, for consistency, the 6:00pm to 6:00am time frame will be reserved every Friday to Saturday.

Publishing Web Pages & Online Forms

For more information on how to publish web pages and build online forms, please visit the Web​ Developers section of the Information Technology Services Web site.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​