Student Accounts

Student network accounts and e-mail are accessed via your eAccount. If you do not have an eAccount, please visit the PAWS service from the TWOLF portal or contact the Help Desk between 8 am and 5 pm working days. We will need to verify who you are, so please bring your student ID card.

CSU-Pueblo Student Network Accounts

In order to use the workstations in the student labs, students must logon using their eAccount user-id and password.  When you are finished, please be sure you logout of your account.  As a security precaution, the system will log you out after 20 minutes of inactivity, please be sure to save your work when leaving your workstation inactive.

Please read PDF IconCSU-Pueblo File and Print Services for students 


The electronic mail system for students is running on Microsoft Exchange 2007®. The interface to Microsoft Exchange® is a web-based client which allows e-mail to be accessed from literally anywhere in the world through your web browser.  Please be aware that all electronic correspondence from CSU-Pueblo will be to this account.

Blackboard Accounts

Blackboard can be accessed anywhere at Your access to Blackboard will be available within 24 hours of registration to the course.

Blackboard passwords are not synchronized with other eAccount passwords. Therefore if you change your Blackboard password it will not change your password for the other eAccount services listed above.

Web Accounts

Students can access their homepage from the URL  and replace with your eAccount user-id.

For information on how to publish your personal Web pages, please visit the Web Developers site.