Below are the most important forms you will need to begin receiving your educational benefits at CSU-Pueblo. Please fill out the appropriate forms for the chapter you are using and return them to the Veteran's Education office.

  1. Veteran's Enrollment Checklist
    • This checklist will guide new students though the process of gaining acceptance to Colorado State Univeristy- Pueblo as well as guide students through the process for getting thier benefits started through the VA.
  2. Information Sheet
    • All veterans/dependents must fill out the Veteran Information Sheet, regardless of the chapter they are using.
  3. Payment Acknowledgement Form
    • If you are using the chapter 30, 35, 1606, or 1707, please fill out the Payment Acknowledgement Form.
    • If you are using the chapter 33 or 31, please fill out the Disbursement Form.
  4. Yellow Ribbon Colorado State University
    • This form is to be filled out by students that are using the Post 9/11 GI Bill and receving 100% of educational benefits.
  5. Military Tuition  Military Tuition Continued
    • This form is to be filled out by active duty and dependents that are attending CSU-Pueblo without changing their resedency to the state of Colorado.