Student Services

Committed to the success of your collegiate journey.

We have many resources to cultivate your success. Student Services is the place you can go to access nearly everything you need while you’re a student at CSU-Pueblo.  This is where you’ll find career opportunities, get involved in the CSU-Pueblo community, connect with academic support, find on-campus housing, financial aid and much more.  

Our student-centric programs are designed to enrich your experience and help you develop the skills necessary to

reach your fullest potential and achieve success in our complex world.  From classes at the Recreation Center to Study Abroad, explore the abundance of opportunities available to students.

An array of other services gives students access to administrative and classroom resources, see below for more.


Center for Academic Enrichment The staff of the Center for Academic Enrichment are committed to assisting you in your academic life.

Auxiliary Services Services Include: Dining, Lost & Found, Parking, Student IDs, ThunderBucks, and Childcare

Campus Safety University public safety and law enforcement is provided by the Pueblo County Sheriff's office. 

Career Services Helping students, faculty, alumni and employers find employment. 

Disability Resource Office Promotes independence in students with documented disabilities.

Student Counseling Center The Counseling Center is a free service

Student Health Services Provides quality health care and health education/promotion.

Student Support Services  Assisting students to achieve their post-secondary academic ambitions.

Student Employment Find student employment at the University.

Upward Bound  Participants receive tutoring in literature, composition, foreign languages, mathematics, and science.