Spring 2015 Hours

9:00am – 4:00pm, Monday – Friday
Located in Life Science 122

  • Walk-in tutoring and study groups available for Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Physics, and Engineering Technology
  • SI services available for BIO 223, BIO 224, and CHEM 121
  • Testing services available for CHEM 121L, CHEM 122L, PHYS 221L, and BIO 181/181L


Abby Davidson
LS 122 (office)

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What We Tutor

BIOL 100 Prin of Biology
BIOL 181 College Biology I
BIOL 181 L College Biology I Lab
BIOL 182 College Biology II
BIOL 182 L College Biology II lab
BIOL 202 Zoology
BIOL 202 L Zoology Lab
BIOL 223 Hum Phy & Ana I
BIOL 223 L Hum Phy & Ana I Lab
BIOL 224 Hum Phy & Ana II
BIOL 224 L Hum Phy & Ana II Lab
BIOL 301 General Microbiology
BIOL 350 Mend. Genetics
CHEM 111 Principles of Chemistry
CHEM 111 L Principles of Chemistry Lab
CHEM 121 Gen Chem I
CHEM 121 L Gen Chem I Lab
CHEM 122 Gen Chem II
CHEM 122 L Gen Chem II lab
CHEM 301 Organic Chem I
CHEM 302 Organic Chem II
PHYS 110 Astronomy
PHYS 110 L Astronomy Lab
PHYS 140 Light, Energy & Atom
PHYS 140 L Light, Energy & Atom Lab
PHYS 201 Principles of Physics I
PHYS 201 L Principles of Physics I Lab
PHYS 202 Principles of Physics II
PHYS 202 L Principles of Physics II Lab
PHYS 221 Gen Physics I
PHYS 221 L Gen Physics I Lab
PHYS 222 Gen Physics II
PHYS 222 L Gen Physics II Lab
EN 101 Intro to Engineering
EN 103 Prob Solving for Engr
EN 107 Engr Graphics
EN 211 Engr Mechanics I
EN 212 Engr Mechanics II
EN 215 Intro to Ind Sys Eng
EN 231 Circuit Analysis I
EN 231 L Circuit Analysis Lab​